Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Anti-Gay Evangelist Billy Graham Dies at 99!

Imagine living 99 years 
believing in fairy tales...
In 1993 Billy proclaimed,
"AIDS" (a gay disease) was a 
"Judgement from God."
He also used his celebrity to fight
same-sex marriage with law 
providing that 'marriage is 
between a man and a woman'
In remembering that the "SHIT 
never falls far from the ASSHOLE",
Billy's son Franklin is still
with us spreading HATE.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Issues "HOW to COMMUNICATE with Trump" Instructions...

FROM: Chief of Staff John Kelly
MEMO To: All White House Staff, 
Press Corps, Visitors, and
Trump Family Members
Effective Immediately, any and all 
communications with Trump ARE subject 
to the following INSTRUCTIONS:
"If he cooperates to your satisfaction,
give him a cheeseburger and/or two
scoops of ice cream. 
"Also, he still knows the difference in
his plates, and prefers his Howdy Doody
on Buffalo Bob's knee plate.
"In the event of a tantrum, call Stormy
Daniels immediately. He'll grab her
pussy and should calm down."
~Contributed in association with the
Foundation of America

Monday in Parkland Florida: Funerals were held for School Shooting Victims - Trump Played Golf!

This past Monday two funerals were
held for victims of the Parkland, Florida
Valentines Day School shooting 
At the same time Trump tweeted
some hate thoughts, 
played golf...
...and watched a